All instruments played by e fisch.
Recorded by e fisch at the "fischbowl" (do all personal studios have to have some goofy name?)
Los Angeles, CA 2001/02.
No microphones were used in these recordings.
All titles written by e fisch (©2001/02) except
"Northwest" written by Eric Fischer, Tim Shaffer and Frank Utecht (©1987).

Mastered by Kevin Nettleingham.

Cover painting by John S. Carlton ©1982.
Layout and design by Andy Fischer.

Website by Shannon R. Johnston and e fisch.

Fuel by Leinenkugel's

a lot of years and a lot of help went into the making of this "first" CD.

"couldn't ever hope to repay you" thanks go to:

My family:
My bro Andy - thanks man.
Joan & Al Fischer, Shannon & Ken Johnston - words can't express my gratitude.

Tim Shaffer, Frank Utecht, Jim Wolfe, John Carlton and Eric Norgaarden.
How lucky were we that some of our formative musical years were spent together?
Their families:
Becky and Paul Shaffer, Cheryl, Bethany and Corey Utecht and Janelle Carlton
for support, laughter and skeptical looks throughout the years.

Further gratitude:
Scott Martin for years of music and friendship. All at Vertigo Recording Services -
Charlie Bolois, Kevin Kaiser. Patty Kaiser for amazing (and free!) photography,
Kevin Nettleingham for sonic polish, Andrew Campbell for "gear support",
Dan Pearce, and Chuck Kavooras.

(the Dog will rise again!)

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